Questão 3 do Exame 1ª Época Ingles 12ª 2014 - MINED

To: His Excellency the Minister of Youth
From: V. Valdori, consultant
Date: December 15, 2000
Ref: Skill training for enhanced youth employment
During the past month I have conducted focus group interviews among young people in a number
of high schools in Naguda. After careful analysis, I concluded that the following are the two most
important reasons cited by young people to explain why they have a difficult time finding work:
1. They do not have the right skills.
2. Employers discriminate and are not willing to hire young workers.
The problem of discrimination is important, and should be examined closely, but it is a longer-term
issue. Even if we could introduce laws or policies to discourage discrimination, it will take a long
time to change habits and beliefs. The problem of the skills mismatch between young workers and
the needs of employers suggests that the schools in Naguda are not providing training in the areas
that are most economically useful. But this, too, is a longer-term problem, involving the redesign of
the curriculum in Naguda’s schools.
I recommend that the Ministry of Youth should hire a company to provide skills training to young
people, to equip them with the skills required in Naguda’s labor market and to facilitate their
transition from school to work. Young people should be provided this option, and given the
information they need to make the right decisions about their human capital. Since most young
people in Naguda are in school, it will be cheaper to reach them there rather than visiting
households door-to-door.

Source: Adapted


Why does the consultant reject the introduction of laws or policies against discrimination?


It will not produce immediate effects


Nobody will read these policies


People will escape from it.


They will discriminate.

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